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   Slam after Slam with Force Point

PDF eBook "SLAM after SLAM with Force Point", 2nd edition, in color
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      On next page at this site you can find the SCOR-SCOR Convention, but learn well its key. It will ignite your imagination. You may use it to discover the exact part's shape and the color of the TOP Honors.

   Next Step

​      If you have obtained  the book "Slam after Slam with Force Point" or Sysnotes computer program from learn well the Fp which will help you to find your exact game's Play Level (PL)  the exact game's Play Level (PL)

     If you want to see what is that bridge system & if it is for you before you buy the book or Sysnotes computer program find Pavell or Boeff in BBO and request initial explanations about the system.We will be glad to assist you at any time despite if you are registered customer or just want to receive initial information about the system and its capabilities

    Learn how to ask your partner for the exact contract tricks, thus discovering the exact game's Play Level (PL) and if it is >= 5.5 ask your partner for Control Points (CP) & discover all part's A+K+Q with 1 question - 1 answer only !